Monday, August 22, 2011

Library Scanners (and other adventures.)

So I finally found a library with a scanner today. After going to three separate branches in the same town. Long story short: I haven't slept since about 11 last night and libraries need to keep more resources in their main buildings so I don't have to run around a city wasting gas when I should be sleeping.

I eventually got the stuff scanned, though, which I guess is the important part. And honestly, if this is all I have to complain about as a runner, I guess I'm doing pretty well. Not that it'll last...I only have two hundred dollars or so left. Trying to stretch it out as long as possible, but with gas prices the way they are, it dwindles fast. I'll probably have to switch to a freegan diet (aka living on dumpster pizza) soon. Or start busking.

Anyway, scans. There's honestly not much of it this time around. It's enough, though. Just using blogger's hosting services since I only have a couple of hours until tomorrow.

First up, the note I mentioned:
It's pretty self explanitory, except for the P.S. bit - that's a weird little personal thing. See, when I was twelve or so, I was really into stories about time travel. I decided to come up with a little phrase that I'd never tell anyone else about, so if I wound up talking to my future self, I'd know for sure it was really future!Aimee. Who knew it would actually come in handy.

The "meth addict" bit is also interesting, considering this post. Makes me wonder all sorts of weird things about memory loss, but I kind of doubt any of it's relevant.

...I'll admit, I'm kind of lost on this one. The "deal with the devil" bit obviously implies I got into one of those agreements with Slendy that's so popular with the kids these days. Not sure exactly what it entailed, but it probably had to do with publishing this stuff. Which would probably be why my life depends on it and all.

 I think this was written much earlier than the other two. I don't honestly have any idea when, but there aren't any quotes and it's a lot more theory-ish than the other two pages (if a bit dramatic). Other than that, like the first page, pretty self-explanatory.

Here's where it veers away from your typical crazy slendernotebooks - this was in a CD case I found in that weird armrest-that's-also-a-storage-area thing in between the front seats. The CD was still in there, but it was pretty scratched up...not that I didn't recognize it as my own. Yes, I listen to Radiohead. No, not since I woke up a few weeks ago. No, not Pablo Honey. Yes, their more recent stuff too. But I guess me-before-I-lost-my-memories somehow thought that listening to this kind of music while being chased by an eldritch abomination was a good idea. Obviously, it wasn't.

The only thing on the cover was the publishing date. None of the actual album art was touched, either - only the blank pages with lyrics.
...Okay, there's some stuff to look up here. And honestly, I need sleep, so I'm not going to do it tonight. I posted what I needed to post. I'm going to bed. And by bed I mean the backseat of my car. Tomorrow I'll edit this with some commentary, and possibly try to get the scans on photobucket so you can see legible versions that don't stretch the page.

Goodnight, I guess.

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