Friday, July 1, 2011

Concordance: Of Things Past

The other day, I followed you home.
I thought to know would make me feel less alone.
So I've seen the skies and felt the hurt
And I am still here.
And I'm not going anywhere

'Cause I have seen Him
Through your eyes.
I have felt the rage
Build up inside.
And I'm sick of being a friend.
I'm sick of being nothin'.
But I don't want to be your love...
Make me your Angel

No one knows what I know.
No one's seen the tears from your soul.
And I feel like I am nothin', and I feel as though I've let you down.
And I can't do anything
but stare.
and I want you to follow your dreams
and keep on trying, hard as it may seem.
And I know it's been hard, and i know giving up seems so easy. (It's easy to lose your grip.)
But I'll always be here right by your side.

I'll do what I can to be a confident wreck
Can't feel this way forever, I mean
There wasnt any way for anyone to settle in
you made a slow disaster out of me.
there's a Radiant Darkness upon us
But i don't want you to worry
 iwas careful but nothing is harmless
you better hurry
You were a kindness when I was a stranger
but I wouldn't ask for what i didn't need
Everything's weird and we're always in danger.
why would you shatter somebody like me? (you're all just kisses and silver and I'm christonthecedarattisonthepineodinontheworldash)
it doesn't work that way.
wanting not to want it wont make it so
it doesn't work that way

don't leave me here alone

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